Defender Inert Spray 3.0 oz

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 Warrior Class curated...  This 3.0 oz. Defender Inert Spray is great for practicing or training with the F4 Tactical system. This refill canister is a mixture of water and propellant that is safe to shoot without the affects of pepper spray in order to increases target acquisition. The nozzle is covered under a one year warranty and the pepper spray is guaranteed until the date of expiration.


  • Worldclass Warrior Gear: Easy Instructions.
  • Emergency Essentials:Be Prepared.
  • Safe Home:The Coolest Gifts for Men and Women.
  • Backpacking Essentials: Cool Tools
  • Awesome Media Library: Essential Learning Resources.

What You Get:

  • Physical and Mental Preparedness for Home, Outdoors, and Business. Then through you we give back to our wounded warriors and our pink ninja warriors project


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