Insect Repellent (100 Packs) Non-Toxic on Skin

Insect Repellent (100 Packs) Non-Toxic on Skin

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  • Worldclass Survival Gear: Easy Instructions.
  • Emergency Essentials: Be Prepared.
  • Zika Scare Stay Ready for Mosquitos.
  • Indoor and Outdoor Essentials
  • Replacement Warranties.

What You Get:

  • "All items are packed securely

With all the talk of insect viruses Lately, staying well stocked is the definition of "smart home." These Pesticide free insect repellant packs are perfect for camping and backpacking and home safe.  Made with Citronella and Soybean Oil to protect exposed skin surfaces from insect bites.

- Non-toxic on skin

Note: Watch our Survival Gear Videos for more learning resources.

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