Pokemon GO or NO go?

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Pokemon GO Players Robbed, Carjacked at park | News


This video happened in London (across the pond) but the following story happened in USA:

Two Clinton residents were robbed Sunday morning while playing Pokémon Go, police said.

The incident was reported about 4 a.m. Saturday on East College Street, in front of First Baptist Church, across from the Mississippi College campus. Police believe that the robbers, who were driving a red Buick, targeted the victims through the app.

The popularity of the app has been growing steadily, but has also led to some problems, including armed robberies and concerns about online security.

Clinton police warn players -- adults and children alike -- to be aware of their surroundings.

"The problem is, they lose all attention. They completely are unaware of their surroundings and it presents a public safety issue, where they can get run over in the street if they are not paying attention," Chief Ford Hayman said.

Check out the following tips.

• Tell your children about stranger danger.

• Set limits on where your children can go.

• Watch the road.

• Pay attention to suspicious individuals and vehicles that may be lurking in dark areas waiting to victimize players who are focused on the game and not on their surroundings.

“Whether playing the game or shopping at a local store, residents are reminded to always remain alert and put down their phones and any other distractions that can threaten their safety,” Hayman said.

Never hesitate to call 911 if something seems suspicious, Hayman said.

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