Sun Tzu's Art Of War (Audiobook)

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Sun Tzu's Art Of War (Audiobook)


C h a p t e r 2 : G o i n g t o Wa r
Sun Tzu said: 1Everything depends on your use of military philosophy.
Moving the army requires thousands of vehicles.
These vehicles must be loaded thousands of times.
The army must carry a huge supply of arms.
You need ten thousand acres of grain.
This results in internal and external shortages.
Any army consumes resources like an invader.
It uses up glue and paint for wood.
It requires armor for its vehicles.
People complain about the waste of a vast amount of metal.
It will set you back when you attempt to raise tens of thousands of troops.
Learning strategy naturally makes you more
financially successful even if that is not your
primary goal. Classical strategy treats all
challenges as fundamentally economic: finite
resources must be applied to meet an unlimited
number of needs.
The concept of “an invader” is critical in strategy.
The assumption is that all positions must
be advanced into new areas over time. You
must “invade” new areas to make progress in
advancing your position.

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