Survival Gear Funny (VIDEO)

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Fun Video for Serious Survival!


Survival Gear Fun ! TheWarriorClass from TheWarrior Class on Vimeo.

I know, this is clearly for fun , but this  Gear list is must-have knowledge for all households and outdoor enthusiasts. Want to know what completes your Car kit, Pantry, Emergency Supply Cabinet? You’re in the right place.


This is a basic gear list. You should modify it for the environment you will be in. The items

here are suggested for mountain backpacking and hiking. If you intend to use this list for

desert hiking clearly you should change the appropriate items and increase the amount of

water you carry. 


You will likely find more things to add.


- 30 - 50 Ft. Nylon cord (Parachute cord, #550, multi 7 or 9 strand core or equivalent )

- Backpack (Internal frame or External frame )

- Candles

- Fire starter kit

- Fishing line ( 8# Mono leader line on small flat plastic disk)

- Flashlights

- Food packs; (Put you food in a stuff sack steady enough to hang in a tree)

- Map/GPS

- Mini Kit parts and pieces

- Plastic sheet (10 foot by 10 foot. 4 mil clear plastic) or Tarp (or tent)

- Sleeping bag (Synthetic fill stays warm when wet)

- Sleeping Pad (Closed cell foam or self-inflating)

- Poncho

- Sleeping tarp or body bag or bivy bag

- Space rescue blanket (@ 3oz)

- Trash bags (4 heavy duty. The 2-3 mil "contractor" type is best)

- 1 Locking carabiner ("D" or oval)

- 9 feet of 1 inch tubular webbing

- toilet paper, wet wipes

- Canteen (wide mouth. Nalgene plastic or SS is good) with belt carrier

- Cooking can (1 pound coffee can and one strong coat hanger) or cook set

- Cup for drinking

- Folding knife ( Swiss Army esp. Rucksack and Adventurer models with a saw or mul- tool)

- Knife (a GOOD quality fixed blade hunter. 6" blade or larger is good for chopping)

- Notebook (Steno notebook. Pack it in a heavy duty 1-G ZipLoc with your pencils)

- Pencils

- Permits & Licenses (If needed)

Hunting License (& Regulations)

Fishing License (& Regulations)

- Purification tabs/crystals

- Small, clean, cotton bag with draw string (large enough to hold one golf ball—Coffee bag)

- Sunglasses

- Whistle


*- Compass

*- Camera, spare Batteries. For camera

*- Spare SD cards

*- Thermometer

*- Bear Spray

*- Walkie Talkies

Medical Kit: (add what you need. )

Include a note with your name, address, phone and name of a person to contact in case of an emergency. Include

information regarding your special needs or sensitivities i.e. allergies, medical needs and anything you think we

might need to know in case of an emergency. Put the notes on TOP of your med bag inside a zip loc bag. Mark your

med bag with a permanent marker.

- Antibiotic cream

- Aspirin/ Alka Seltzer

- First Aid Kit w/ 4" ace bandage, Band-Aids, etc.)

- Glasses

- Insect repellent

- Laxative

- Lip Lube (Chap Stick or Lip Balm w/spf 15)

- Moleskin (2 Pkgs. min.)

- Poop chute degreaser (Imodium A-D)

- Preparation H (for your Charmin adapted butt)

- Medications

- Sm. bottle meat tenderizer (@ 1 gram)

- Sunscreen (SPF 15 or better)

- Vitamins

- Feminine Hygiene needs


- Bandanna

- Belt

- insulated parka

- Boots

- Gloves or fingerless workout gloves (Leather)

- Hat (Brimmed for sun protection)

- Heavy hiking socks (2 Pair)

- Long john top/ sweater or heavy wool shirt

- Long John bottoms

- Long sleeve shirt (light weight)

- Long pants (BDU's or wool, no Jeans)

- Shirt (light weight long sleeve)

- Underpants\swimsuit (Pick one)

- Spare shoes (flops/tennis/sandals (Pick one))

- Undershirt (Short sleeve/cotton)


"3 day survival bag"

"3 day survival pack list"

"72 hour bag"

"72 hour emergency kits"

"72 hour kit"


Disclaimer: The information here is for general information purposes only.   Any reliance you place on such information is therefore strictly at your own risk.


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